Something to look forward to

This January we have the most depressing day of the year to look forward to. The complex formula takes into account things like debt and weather and failure of new year’s resolutions and the mental health wizards have calculated that this year’s D-Day is 24th January.

This year we might also add into the calculations the huge (‘swingeing’ as we’re learning to call them) cuts to well, pretty much everything and the rise in VAT. We can’t even drown our sorrow on drink cos that’s gone up too.

 For those of us being made redundant we also have the worry of how we’re going to afford life without our jobs.

 I need something to look forward to. I get the same amount of holiday leave as anyone else at the council but because of working in education, I am not allowed to take term time holidays.

 My contract ends on Thursday, 31st March and state schools don’t break up for Easter until the following week so I’m looking to blow some of the redundancy payoff and go on holiday straight away. A holiday will give me something to look forward to otherwise I know I’ll be moping around the house feeling sorry for myself come April.

Citizen R driving across Ischia

 I quite fancy doing something like a road trip rather than sitting on a beach somewhere and this is where I need some help. Where can Mr. R and I go to get away from it all and where would readers recommend? I’m really stumped for ideas so all advice will be gratefully received. If you could tweet this too and ask your friends and colleagues that would also help. Thank you, lovely readers!

 Meanwhile, batten down the hatches for Monday 24th January and hey, let’s be careful out there.


My big fat portfolio career part two

I’ve just spent the last two days on a course run by FPM called How To Be a Consultant and it did what it said on the tin. On day one we found out about what being a consultant means in terms of a career choice, what sort of work is out there and what our individual USP might be. I think I know my USP (no sniggering at the back)  but it’s another skill putting that down on paper. On day two we did work around being self-employed, tax, VAT and finances. All tricky stuff but we were an attentive audience becuase we’d never had to fill in a tax return.

 Unlike many courses I go on that are a three line whip this really did answer my questions and more importantly, posed further questions that I need to answer for myself. Best of all there were some really interesting people there and it was a good opportunity for networking.

 So I think a new self-employed career might just work. 

 But I won’t delete the Traffic order Maker application form yet.

Just in case.   

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