Thank you…but not goodbye

Today is officially R day. My P45 was waiting for me when I got home for work yesterday. I have less than three hours left at work and I really shouldn’t be writing a blog post but I have things to say.

 Back in September I was considering writing a blog to help me manage my feelings about the whole public sector debacle and my own small part in it. I didn’t know any bloggers except my two lovely sisters-in-law, Miss Melancholy and Stray. When they visited us to help cerebrate Mr R’s birthday, I talked to them about starting a blog and they persuaded me that this was a Good Idea. ‘You’ll make friends!’ they said. I scoured the Internet for similar bloggers and tentatively made some cyber friends.

 I wasn’t convinced that anyone would read my ramblings but I set them down anyway and discovered that people did read and respond. Even The Guardian, the paper I’ve been reading since I was teenager, read and enjoyed. I was even an ‘expert’ on the Guardian redundancy Q&A. Memorable for not only being an honour, but also for being in the middle of a bout of Norovirus. I wrote my responses, threw up and lay down for a few minutes in a repeating cycle for the three hours of the live chat.

 I’m convinced that if I hadn’t written the blog I’d be sitting in a corner rocking by now. So a big shout out and a huge thank you to the blog massive especially, Ellen, Guerrilla Mum, fighting for the rights of children with special needs; Tim the Armchair Sports fan who is forever Slouching Towards Thatcham; Citizen CW, my cyber mentor and friend; Andrew Brown, Someday I Will Treat You Good, who I actually met in real life although we didn’t realise it at the time and the Redundant Public Servant who has retired temporarily from the blogosphere but who wrote a blog far more dignified and less indignant than mine. And of course Miss Melancholy and Stray who set me on the blog path and my friends, family, colleagues and tweeps who have been there. Also a huge thank you the brilliant Patrick Butler and very funny Judy Friedberg from The Guardian. Thank you for seeking out the truth.

 I felt like a I wanted to protect my employers so I’ve been anonymous until recently but sod it, I’m on my own now so I’m out of the closet. If you didn’t already know, I manage the Healthy Schools programme across three SW London local authorities and I support schools with all aspects of health and wellbeing (teenage pregnancy, healthy eating, gang crime, mental health etc). My friends call me the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll guru.

 But it’s not over!

 I will be blogging some more here. I’m still a victim of government cuts, I still have friends and family in the public sector and the story is not over. After all the title of this blog is- in homage to bad B movies- I was a public sector worker and a bit like being an president of the United States or an alcoholic, I will always have been a public sector worker.

 Thank you, TTFN and as an actor with biceps the size of small children once said, ‘I’ll be back.’


9 Responses to Thank you…but not goodbye

  1. Stray says:

    Happy R-day! Or… um… my condolences to your bank manager.

    I’m so pleased we gave you a nudge – I knew your blog wouldn’t be rubbish but your writing, observation yada yada has turned out to be a metric-ton of impressive. I feel very proud *sniff sniff*

    No surprise the Grauniad picked you up (except for the complete needle in a haystackness of it) – you’ve earned it.

    Perhaps the Daily Fail would be interested to know that teen pregnancy advisers have been made redundant… 🙂

    Good luck with the next chapter of life and writing.


    • citizenr says:

      Thanks again, Stray. If it hadn’t been for you both I wouldn’t have ahd this experience. Maybe I’ll write a stern letter to the Dail Fail…

  2. guerrillamum says:

    Very touched to be mentioned in your final R day blog. I have looooooved reading your writings, and my only request now is — Please don’t stop!


  3. Andrew Brown says:

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Like Ellen I’d urge you not to stop; indeed the next part of the journey should be even more important than what has gone before. How we ensure that the expertise that is being shed as a result of the cuts isn’t lost, and that we don’t think that this is where the effects of the cuts end is really important.

    Also good luck with finding ways of helping schools help their students to stay healthy from outside the local authority.

  4. Citizen CW says:

    Well, I’ve never been called a cyber mentor before….but I’m going to use that now.

    Your blog has been great and has been a great cynical light in the darkness that surrounds our sector at the moment. Proof that that bastards can grind you down, but you can always get up again.

    For me though, the journey hasn’t yet begun. We’re still fearful for our jobs here, but we’ve got longer than many people and we’re grateful for that. Come this time next year with the second wave (or should that be tsunami) of cuts, we expect ours to drown too. That’s why, for me, following your progress into consultancy will be an interesting, if not a little selfish, endeavour.

    So, I’m not entirely selfless in wishing you the best….but I mean it, none the less. Good luck “Citizen R”, may you go forth and…errr….well, promote the lack of multiplying. Hmmm… Look, just enjoy that freedom freelancing brings and I look forward to trip in the Rolls Royce when Citzen R Inc are as big as Capita.

  5. Acareoandy says:

    Good luck for the future. Your posts have been a fantastic breath of fresh air over the last few months. Sure hope you will carry on – there is deffo life after R-Day 😉

  6. Tim says:

    Many thanks for the shout-out, and I’ll look forward to your continuing adventures here soon!


  7. J.G.Harston says:

    All the best and good luck for the future. Keep on going, and don’t let things hold you back.

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