Loose ends

It’s been a week of tying up loose ends. Like most big events, I thought I had loads of time and starting tidying out a filing cabinet drawer here or a computer folder there but the deadline is upon me and there is a lot to do. Those of us who are leaving have been ruthlessly going through our stuff and holding a sort of yard sale in once of the offices. Teachers can come in and rummage around for goodies to take back to school. Some got a little over enthusiastic the other day and starting rummaging around in cupboards and shelves all over the centre. We only discovered things were missing after the bun fight.

Today it’s not even time for elevenses and I’ve already finally cleared the shelves behind my desk and addressed all my e-mails. I’ve found pieces of work and study portfolios that I can happily return to their owners at school. I found old conference notes filed under ‘might one day be useful’ but of course have never seen the light of day again and I’ve had panicked messages from teachers asking for help.

I also discovered that behind a tightly crammed shelf was tightly crammed stuff that had fallen off the shelf once upon a time. There were also other reminders of my time here:

· Some recycling bags from the time I started a campaign about recycling kitchen waste (all those plastic milk cartons!). The centre manager gave in eventually and bought us proper recycling boxes and everyone now uses these, hurrah!

 · One Pot Pledge posters from Garden Organic from the time when I started a campaign to get everyone growing food at work. I was the only one with a tub of lettuce on my windowsill receiving pitying looks from everyone.

· A pair of trainers. I like to wear a nice high heel at work so the trainers are there for when I want to walk down to the shops (which are a fair old way away) or go for a nice healthy turn about the park. Oh well, it was a nice idea at the time.

· Large box of pencils. When I started here I inherited lots of large boxes of pencils branded with a logo that went out of date at about the same time as the dinosaurs. I’ve given them to colleagues, teachers, pupils, friends and strangers and still one box remains. I swear they reproduce at night.

· An envelope of goodies from a promo company trying to persuade me to spend non-existent money on goodies with them. They included promotional phone charms. Remember them?

I also found the box and instructions fro my mobile phone that I will have to hand in on Thursday along with my laptop. On a positive note that means I can go and buy myself a nice shiny new laptop and offset it against tax in the new financial year.

See, I’m learning.

Now it really is almost elevenses. Wonder what’s in the biccy tin?


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