The final days and my certificate of long service

Time is ticking on and I have lots to do. Far from slowing down, I’ve been busier than ever. I’ve also been trying to meet key players to explain that I will still be around after April so gissa job!

Yesterday I met with the director and she promised to support my new venture and spread the word to the head teachers. I also received- much to my surprise and amusement- a certificate for long service. Which means I must be really old.

There was no carriage clock or watch and chain but an envelope full of Marks and Spencer’s vouchers whic I will be spending on raunchy (well as raunchy as M&S gets) underwear so I’ll be able to think of them every time I…on second thoughts I might by some thermals. T

The actual wording of the certificate is:

The council of the London Borough of XX desires (desires!) to place on record its sincere appreciation of the valuable services rendered by you to the Local Government Service all (all capitals their own) over a period of x years (I’m not telling you how many).

It then goes on to say:

The Common Seal of the Mayor and the Burgess (who?) of the London Borough of XX was hereunto affixed this 31st day of March 2011.

While I was at the civic centre I also received a card signed by some of the education team who work up there and a lovely gift from my line manager. It didn’t occur to me that there would be certificates and gifts. I thought- perhaps unfairly- that having made the decision such a long time ago (last July) that they’d be quite keen to see the back of me by now. I was touched.

The grindstone doesn’t keep turning just because it’s the last few days with my nose to it. Must dash and give of my ‘valuable services’ while I still can.


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