It’s all me, me me

I’ve decided that 2011 will be the year of me.

 I was brought up to always put others first and I’ve dutifully followed this credo all my life. As a teacher you’re always at the beck and call of others- the students, the parents, the local authority, the head teacher- and I’ve managed to carry this attitude over into my consultancy work. Of course I can come to your school/ meeting at ridiculous o’clock! And of course I’ll cancel my social life to run a last minute training session for cabinet members who don’t bother turning up! I think this is a particular problem for us gals, we want to please people and make them happy.

 I was once on leave out shopping in the summer when a school phoned me in a panic. They were printing their stationery for the year ahead and needed me to send them a logo that was only at my work computer and could I do it before 3 o’clock please? Did I put back the things I was going to buy at the shop, drive all the way to the office (which was luckily open), fire up my computer, find the logo, send it to the school, shut down my computer and drive home again having ruined my shopping trip? Hell, yeah.

 But no more, I cry. I’m putting myself first and my friends and family are up there too. I started today by not volunteering to train governors tomorrow evening. I shall be slumped in front of the telly in my slanket catching up rubbish programmes from Sky+ instead.

 So here are my new goals.

1)     Network, network, network.

In the public sector we’re a bit lazy at this but I’m learning how to do it. I’m actually pretty shy so this is way out of my comfort zone but I’m doing well so far. I’m not afraid to ask for help or contacts and people so far have been delighted to help.

2)     Just say no, kids.

No to extra work, no to evening work, no to too many meetings, no, non, nein. Unless you’re a school. In which case it’s yes.

3)     Take time to learn new stuff.

The other day I found myself buying lots of helpful tomes on the interwebulator. Not self-help books you understand, just books that can help with my new portfolio career. They arrived yesterday and I’ve already found out lots of useful information.

4)     Make more effort to widen my friendship circle.

That stupid shyness really restricts me but I’m making more of an effort. I’ve already contacted some friends I haven’t seen for a while to make dates to meet. I’m not going to be too tired from work to go out and have fun. Or to network.

5)     Take time to plan.

I need to spend time planning my new career and planning properly. It won’t happen unless I do.

6)     Stop whingeing.

Whingeing has been my default setting since the redundancy notice. I will try hard not to whinge about things I can’t change. But I reserve the right to still whinge about the government.

 So wish me luck on my journey and thank you supporting me via this blog, it’s very much appreciated.

What are your work resolutions for 2011?


6 Responses to It’s all me, me me

  1. Stray says:

    I’ve given up adverbs.

    Meaning that I will focus more on doing things than the pre-determination (guessing, often inaccurate) of how it will be to do them. “I’ll just quickly… ” is my downfall, so it has been banished.

    Your goals all sound sensible. Good luck with personality overhaul required to go from being someone who volunteers first to someone who doesn’t even think about what happened in your absence. I’ve resolved that one before but never been successful 🙂

    I’m trying to go fractal on myself and apply the same processes at the macro and micro levels. Not sure how it will work out but so far it’s producing a lot of useful insight.

    • citizenr says:

      Being joyful and cheery is really hard work but I’m going to try and stick at it. A colleague has just commented that I wouldn’t be me if I stopped being cynical. Hmm. Must try harder.

      Good luck with the adverb diet!

  2. Mean Mr Mustard says:

    Network? Ugh. Well, I shamefully admit that I briefly tried the LinkedIn networking thing. Perhaps I was a tad light headed from binge-drinking that bottle of Stellenbosch in a single session, I dunno. But being an already cynical and not quite so desparate but redundified Civil Servant, I soon sobered up, and then wondered what the Hell I was doing in that halo-polishing syncophantic culture. So, witihn 24 hours or so, I got myself eradicated, expunged and unsubscribed, and I feel that much better now for not being such a corporate sell-out. Integrity does have real value, and I feel that much better for it.

    In the words of Pink Floyd – does anybody else in here feel the way I do?

  3. guerrillamum says:

    I think this is the year lots of us will realise the importance of putting ourselves first a bit. This has been a topic of conversation in our household too – but with two kids it has so far pretty much been all talk… That said we are doing some things for ourselves now which we weren’t doing last year so you never know, we might just get the hang of this. I am certainly taking the slow route back to blogging because we have all had a very nasty time with ‘flu and still I don’t feel right.

    I’m totally with you about the government, and also about the whingeing – it is important to adopt a ‘can do’ attitude in adversity.

    I bet that by this time next year, Citizen R you will be looking back on your redundancy as the best thing that has happened to you in a long time.

    Good luck in your new ventures

    Ellen P

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