Happy Christmas? Bah humbug.

Christmas in the public sector is a rather joyless affair this year. No one is in the mood for high jinks and parties and seasonal spirit is definitely absent.

A public sector celebration is very different to private sector dos anyway. It wouldn’t be right or ethical to spend tax payers’ money on celebrations and parties so we pay our own way and that means that cost has to be fair so the least well-paid can afford to join in. For the last few years we’ve had lunch in the local Italian trattoria that does a lunchtime special. The trouble with lunchtime is that everyone eventually slinks back to the office to do some work and no one drinks. Whoo hoo.

And don’t even think of suggesting that we have lunch in the canteen. After Gravygate we won’t be going back there.

It’s also a tradition in the office where I work that instead of handing out cards to each other we make an amusing e-card that we send to all our colleagues across the council and make a donation to a chosen charity. We usually photograph ourselves doing something amusing and Christmassy and it gets us in the festive spirit. 

Go away, I'm working.

We didn’t feel very inspired this year but took our festive photos this morning gathered around the Christmas tree downstairs in the reception area (we don’t have even the merest sniff of tinsel in our office) and in an oblique reference to the fact that our room is so bloody cold we have penguins tapping on windows asking to be let in, we wrapped up in coats, scarves and hats.

I tried pulling my scarf up over my face in a small act of rebellion but apparently this made me look like a student protester so was not allowed. Hmph.

In a desperate attempt to inject a bit of sprit I invited everyone over to my house for mince pies next but it turns out that they’re washing their socks or something.

Oh well.

Anyone doing anything festive at work this year or have you given up in the name of austerity?


I’ve just seen the finished e card. It’s very nice and you can see about 1mm of my face if you squint hard. I’ll have to tell recipients that I was actually there in my last ever local authority Christmas card. Sigh.


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