Easily distracted

Being off sick last week for a few days I had a feel for what it might be like to work from home.

 And found out I’m easily distracted.

 Even sick as a dog I couldn’t help noticing that the house needed vacuuming and perhaps a bit of a dust wouldn’t go amiss. When I’m rushing off to work in the morning there isn’t time (or usually light) to notice.    

 Morning tv is still a novelty and before I know it I’ve vegged out in front of Homes under the Hammer, Jeremy Kyle and This Morning and half the day has gone.

 There’s a dog that barks constantly all day long. Apart from a couple of hours around lunchtime when it whines piteously. Apart from being really, really annoying the poor beast really shouldn’t be out all day. One for the RSPCA I think.

 The three boys who rent the house next door but one like listening to very loud Eastern European rap. With the windows wide open.

 So once I’ve done the housework and watched tv and settled to some work while struggling to zone out the dog/ rap combo it’ll probably be tea time.

 I’ve got three months to work on my focus so…ooh look is that Sixty Minute Makeover on telly? Time for a break methinks.


3 Responses to Easily distracted

  1. i have exactly the same problem i feel your…. oo shiny

  2. J.G.Harston says:

    On one of my driving lessons my instructor actually said: Now, I want you to… oo, look at that kitten!

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