Pause for thought

It’s only been just over two months since I started blogging but a lot has happened. Blogging has been great therapy and I’ve met some lovely, supportive cyber chums.

This blog has also been mentioned in The Guardian online a few times and tomorrow (Wednesday 24th November) I will be taking part in a Q&A session with some much better qualified people on ‘How to prepare for redundancy in local government.’

We’ll be live on air from noon to 3pm so do drop by and take part…and please don’t ask me anything too difficult!

All I need to do now is try and get rid of the nasty bug I’ve been failing to fight all day. Wish me luck!


3 Responses to Pause for thought

  1. Tim says:

    Hope it goes well! Look forward to reading all about it.

  2. guerrillamum says:

    Best of luck then, I shall listen in! I am certain you will be brilliant! Ellen P(! – what’s one more exclamation mark between cyber-buddies…)

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