Public versus private

While we public sector workers have been wallowing in self-pity at our redundancies and bleak futures, private sector workers have been telling us to pull ourselves together and stop snivelling.

 Not for the private sector, they point out, the pension and redundancy pay off. After all, the public sector is not going out of business it’s just, ahem, slimming back a bit. Nobody has run off to the Cayman Islands with all our funds.

 The other point they make is the gap between being told you’re being laid off and actually going. Most people are given days or sometimes merely hours to clear off leave the building, the contents of their desk in an archive box.

 I’ve known my post was being deleted in the summer. Initially they gave me until December but extended this deadline to March. That means I’ve had months to get my head around the situation, plan a future, give my resources to schools, tout for business and blog about it before leaving.

 It’s weird though, living in a sort of limbo and I’ve gone from leaping out of bed in the morning at the prospect of going to work (no, really) to sometimes having to drag myself in. My self-confidence has been the main victim in all this and it’s hard to be positive in the face of any rejections.

But at least I’ve got a job. And if it all goes pear-shaped, I’ve had a good long training (thank you public sector) in teaching and could go back to the classroom. If I really, really had to.

 So you’re right private sector buddies, we’re luckier than most.  Let’s keep our chins up and think positive.

At least until Monday morning.


3 Responses to Public versus private

  1. KCW says:

    You’re right. We have it easy. The private sector only have the bonuses, easy progression, higher pay, out-of-work freedom (ie no political restrictions). Besides, the reason we get more holiday and have better terms isn’t a strange coincidence. It’s because for years the public sector have engaged in industrial action and worked a relationship between the workers and the employers to achieve these terms.

    Furthermore, it wasn’t the public sector that caused this mess. So there! 🙂

    • citizenr says:

      Blimey, you’re feisty for a Friday afternoon! I’m trying to be even handed and remember that immigrant workers plucking chickens and cleaning toilets are also private sector. I’m off to hug a tree now. 😉

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