Power to the pupils!

One thing I really enjoy about working with London school is the students. Despite what the media might have us think, they’re not all knife-wielding, granny-robbing hoodies. The ones I meet through my day to day work are often articulate, feisty and funny. Pupils at Little Ilford comprehensive school in Newham are a fine example: the school was due a multi-million pound rebuild as part of the Building Schools for the future (BSF) programme. As with many schools, this funding has now been cut and the building work will not go ahead.

 The pupils have not taken this lying down. They have made a film protesting at the lack of funding and are presenting the film and their campaign to the Prime Minister today. Far from moaning about specific grievances, the film includes soundbites from pupils, teachers, parents and community members about how much their school means to them. This is clearly a school that takes its position in the community very seriously.

 What I admire about Little Ilford film is the fact that thepupils are clearly proud of their school and that’s the biggest recommendation anyone can have. I don’t work in Newham so I have no vested interest in this story but I like to see ordinary people taking a stand so best of luck to the whole school community.


2 Responses to Power to the pupils!

  1. Tim says:

    A brilliant and inspiring story – thanks for sharing it!

  2. citizenr says:

    We need good news like this sometimes!

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