Andrew Marr and the case of the bad bloggers

I couldn’t let this one go without commenting. National journo treasure Andrew Marr has spoken out against bloggers. I’m guessing that keyboards across the country are on fire with ire as citizen journalists take online revenge (they are, I’ve just checked. Twitter too!).

Actually I think he’s a very clever man: who else has had so much coverage from the Cheltenham Literary festival, that most genteel of genteel festivals?

And his comments are really quite funny when you pull them apart. His words are below but the comments in brackets are entirely mine:

“A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate (gimme wine) pimpled (occasionally), single (fraid not), slightly seedy (ooh matron), bald (nope), cauliflower-nosed (how very dare you!) young (youngish) men (not one of those either) sitting in their mother’s basements (ooh matron) and ranting (a little. Maybe). They are very angry  (a bit annoyed sometimes) people. OK – the country is full of very angry people (grrrrrr). Many of us are angry people at times (ibid). Some of us are angry and drunk (see ‘socially inadequate’ for reference. Grrrr. Hic.)”

Come to think of it I did wake up today with a pimple on my chin. Maybe it’s the Pinocchio-like curse of blogging? If there are two pimples there tomorrow that’s it for me.


3 Responses to Andrew Marr and the case of the bad bloggers

  1. guerrillamum says:

    Perhaps I should change my name to Grrrrrrr Mum! It’s a great shame that there aren’t more people angry and motivated enough to blog. Evidence suggests that this government goes wobbly when it has to share the pain …

    PS – Andrew Marr, please discuss.

  2. citizenr says:

    Grrrrr Mum is a great name!

    ‘PS – Andrew Marr, please discuss.’ I’d look forward to that debate!

  3. Tim says:

    Oh yes, Andrew Marr certainly knows how to extract maximum coverage from an otherwise low-key event. He responds to “angry, abusive and vituperative” citizen journalists with a series of knowingly inflammatory statements which are angry, abusive and vituperative.

    It’s just a shame that the main (and valid) point he was making about the need for us to recognise the economic value of accurate, professional news gathering and dissemination has been somewhat lost in the furore of his tawdry, headline-grabbing tar-everyone-with-the-same-brush blunderbuss approach.

    Here are my thoughts on Marr’s comments. I would welcome your comments, as long as they’re not angry, abusive or vituperative, of course! 😉

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