What now?

I’ve been weighing up my post-redundancy work options and considering new career options by analysing my skills:

Skill: good at organising stuff.

Solution: become wedding planner.

But: apt to be found gibbering in corner if shouted at by Bridezilla.

Skill: gardening

Solution: whip off bra and become the new Charlie Dimmock.

But: on second thoughts…


Skill: mildly amusing.

Solution: become stand up comedian.

But: never quite sure if people are laughing with me or just at me.


Skill: singing.

Solution: sign up for next year’s x factor.

But: I’m not doing it for my Nan, my kids or my three legged dog.

Skill: huge and age-inappropriate knowledge of pop music and trivia.

Solution: become the person who makes those rather literal song choices on Homes Under The Hammer.

But: that position is already taken.


Skill: education adviser

Solution: become private education adviser.

But: hmmmmm.

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