Pay checked

More than 9,000 public-sector workers earn more than the prime minister, according to a new analysis of public-sector pay.

Ah, the prime minister’s pay, that great British benchmark. Up there alongside ‘as big as x football pitches,’ ‘the size of Wales,’ and ‘as big as golf balls.’

My local newspaper was indignant at the levels of pay of the various local authority chief executives and so it should be. The head of Wandsworth in London earns a salary of £299,925 including bonuses of £54,000. Many other chief executives are not far behind.

Fair enough for a demanding job in difficult times but it transpires than many of these CEOs have been awarded massive pay rises in the past year, just as many posts are being made redundant and costs are being cut to the bone. There has been a lot of whingeing from them about pensions and bonuses being added in to these salary figures and cost of living and take home pay being reduced but it’s a bitter pill to swallow for the rest of us.

In hard times we look to our leaders and we want them to support us and stand up for us- the drones that don’t receive prime minister-busting salaries. And as for bonuses…obviously we’re not talking banker bonuses here in the public sector but perhaps naively I didn’t realise that council leaders even got bonuses. When you work for the council you accept that you are duty bound to give council taxpayers best value for money and not grab it for yourself. The biggest bonus I got last year was a couple of biscuits left over from a training meeting. And no, don’t worry, tax-payers, we don’t supply tea and biscuits at training any more.

If I earn some consultancy money for the council then it goes into their pocket not mine. Last year I was set some hideous Local Area Agreement targets.  If I reached my targets, I’d be earning the council a great deal of money. I sweated, slogged and struggled but eventually met the targets and the money came flooding in. I had hoped for a tiny bit of this dosh to go into my own budget for use with my schools but it got swallowed into the great melting pot.

Now I can’t help wondering if any of that pot went into the pockets of the executives.


3 Responses to Pay checked

  1. Tam says:

    The thing about the Prime Minister’s salary is that he kind of lives a billionaire lifestyle and never has to shell out for anything. I’d get by quite nicely on my public sector salary if I never had to pay for stuff 🙂

    In my LA, we’ve cut all refreshments at meetings. If we want to offer visitors a cup of tea or (heaven forfend) a custard cream, we have to fill out a form. Sadly, this isn’t a joke. Still, our most senior official got his payrise, so that’s alright then.

    • citizenr says:

      Thanks for dropping by! Hmm our chief exec got his payrise too. I think they’re all in it together. I sometimes sneak to the co-op and buy a bag of grapes and a packet of jaffa cakes for meetings. Sometimes I even claim in on petty cash (see post ‘petty, petty cash’ for how that pans out.)

  2. JGH says:

    It annoys me when people say “earn” when they really mean “paid.” If they’ve earned it, why shouldn’t they be paid it? It the people who *don’t* earn what they are paid thay really riles me, the Jonathan Rosses of this world. I would prefer a world where everybody is paid what they earn, which would probably result in loads of nurses, teachers, firefighter, etc, being paid a lot more than they are now.

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